Open Burgers

My sister-in-law visited recently and we went to the shop to pick up some bits for lunch. Included in our shop was Encona extra hot pepper sauce. She mixed it with some of the South African sweet chilli sauce we brought back with us and a new condiment was born! The only problem is that I’m pretty sure this will make the red list The Real Meal Revolution.

The Special One loves this new combination so I’ve been making a lot of burgers that he can use it as an accompaniment. My burger mix is pretty basic…(not lean) mince, grated onion, salt, pepper, smoked paprika, paprika and cayenne pepper. We like to spice things up πŸ˜‰

I was looking for some burger mix ideas and came across this recipe but I ignored burger recipe and tried the avo topping. Yummolicious!


Oh oh, I almost forgot to tell you about the flatbread. So I’m trying to find a burger bun substitute even only to have an ‘open’ burger. I had some shop bought coconut flour and googled recipes. I found this one which came out quite nicely. If you have a good LCHF flatbread recipe that doesn’t need too many, please let know.

Thanks for reading x


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