That title made me laugh. This is another fitness post. Be warned.

Right, you’re still here. Yay! This was yet another epic training session. Let me take you through it.


  • skipping (I tried the plastic rope this time as I usually use the fabric ones. What a difference! I’m going to buy myself a rope so that I can practice my double unders. Yes, I just said that.)
  • pigeon stretches (I love that today’s warm-up involved stretches.)
  • samson stretches (At this point I wondered what coach had in store for us.)


  • thrusters

Turns out we were going to work up to a 1 rep max on my thruster. Woo! Starting with the bar, we worked to 20kg, then 30kg, then 40kg, then 50kg! Yeah baby! 50kg thruster!Β I think I’ve got more in me so we’ll work on getting 60kg. Yes, I just said that too.

Conditioning: 21-15-9

  • calories on rower
  • wall balls
  • medicine ball sit-ups

This time I aced those wall balls! I even managed to do the 15 and 9 sets without taking a breather.

Loved. Every. Second.

No one took any photos of this session so I guess I’ll have to work to that 60kg 1RM thruster. You know, so that there’s evidence. Ha ha.

After sweaty hugs with coach Frances and training partner Tracey, I spent some alone time at the beach. I took my shoes off in the car and walked down the walkway. Bad idea. Over 30 degrees Celsius means very hot tar. My feet were burnt underneath but thankfully I could soothe them in the sea. I’m going to miss this place.


Thanks for reading x

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