Oh No, Cardio

On Tuesday afternoon our Crossfit coach sends us a message to the group we’ve created on Whatsapp. This isn’t unusual. We normally send messages this way. What was unusual was that she was giving us a heads up as to what to expect in training on Wednesday. She never warns us. We prefer not knowing what to expect. I don’t like giving the voices in my head any material to work with in their attempt to put me off going to the gym.

Ah we do have fun.

The workout? Well it went something like this…




1 round – skipping

1 round – foot work: bob & weave

1 round – combo of 30s each of:

  • fast punches
  • mountain climbers
  • plank

2 rounds – bag work

1 round – pads


core + push-ups + divine stretching to finish

It wasn’t as awful as we’d both thought it would be but I’d rather not know what’s coming. After the workoutΒ we went and had coffee in celebration of Tracey’s birthday the day before. Good times.


Thanks for reading x


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