Go Shorty

Last week was pretty big for me for a number of reasons. The biggest thing for me wasn’t the new PBs but the fact that I wore shorts. Then posted pictures and videos of me in them on Facebook and Instagram. In my mind, I completely opened myself up for criticism but figured that it’s got to be all or nothing on this path of total self acceptance that I’m on. There was no criticism, just support.


Wednesday’s session was awesome! Here’s what it looked like:


  • 400m run
  • bear crawls
  • duck walk
  • OH squats

Super Complex

  • Clean
  • Front squat
  • Push press
  • OH squat


  • 1000m row; then 3 rounds of
  • 20 kb swings
  • 60 plate hops

I failed on 30kg with the OH squat in the complex. So we racked the bar and I tried it again and did it!

I remember when I first started lifting. I hung out in the ladies area of the first gym I went to, never wanting to go too heavy in case I failed. Then, when I joined the next gym, I was too scared to go to the ‘muscle area’ because I didn’t want to fail and look stupid. I always tried to get to the gym when I knew it would be empty so there’d be less people to see what I was doing. I’m so glad that I now know that failure isn’t final and that it’s the failures that bring success. I’m also fortunate to have a great team backing my journey – my coach Frances and training partner Tracey.


Thanks for reading x

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