Post CELTA – An Update

It’s been 3 weeks and 2 days since I completed my CELTA course. (For those new to the blog, CELTA is a Cambridge English teacher training course.)

Here’s what I’ve been doing since then…
I’ve applied to lots of schools.
I’ve had 6 interviews.
I’ve received 5 job offers.
One school hasn’t come back to me.
I’ve completed a one week contract teaching young learners aged 9-15.
I’m currently teaching at the school where I did my CELTA πŸ™‚

The teaching gig isn’t great in the UK as the bulk of the work is only in summer and pay isn’t amazing. But I’m very happy with the days I did my course because I’ve finished in time for summer schools and can get lots of experience. Right now I’m focused on getting experience and I love it. I love being a teacher. I really have found my calling!

Thanks for reading x


2 thoughts on “Post CELTA – An Update

  1. Great to hear you love teaching. It is a calling, and particularly ESL teaching, you may not make a fortune out of it but CELTA will be the best travelling certificate you will ever have. Just because you have CELTA you can get a job anywhere in the world! If you have an online TFL or TESOL there is less chance. And that’s the truth.


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