Banting and Budgeting Update

My intentions to write about our meals everyday seems to have gone out the window. I’ve been really busy! Between interviews for teaching jobs, doing a temp teaching contract, preparing lessons and seeing to my beautiful family, there’s very little time to write about what I’ve cooked.

Our meals have been a bit monotonous but they tasty so it’s all good…for now.

A brief rundown of our regular meals:
Chicken tray bake (my favourite chicken recipe courtesy of Jamie Oliver)
Not Butter Chicken (my Real Meal Revolution favourite)
Burgers (experimenting with different spice mixes – no bun…of course)
Eggs (usually in omelette form – nice and filling)

I’ve also been experimenting with courgette rostis and have a way to go before I post about them. They go very well with the burgers.

I was having shake for breakfast but with the move to more frugal living, I’ve not bought berries. Breakfast has been an adaptation of bulletproof style coffee…coffee with some cream, a little butter and a few teaspoons coconut oil. Keeps me going for hours!

For lunch we either have leftovers or yogurt or buy something. Yes, I know, we need to deal with that but if we’re spending less on groceries and still eating healthy, nutritious meals, then it’s a step the right direction.

Hopefully once I’ve gotten into a routine with teaching then I can get back into everything else that’s important me…like this blog.

Thanks for reading x


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