Fight Klub…hooya!

I was fortunate to be able to recently attend an amazing afternoon with some super people at something called Fight Klub. The only way that I can describe the afternoon is epic.

Starting at 3pm on Sunday afternoon, we were led by Troy, the founder of Fight Klub, in our first half hour session. There a were a maximum of 5 of us around a free standing punch bag and we were led through the drills set to high energy music, mainly drum and bass. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’re in a club because sometimes people would step away from their punch bag and bust a few moves.

Every half hour things changed and a new workout started. As we entered the venue, we were told a number which indicated the group we were in, “which would be explained later”. After an hour of sweating, we learned the reason for our numbers. Group 1 were going to have the first taste of a new workout. Group 2 were going to try Groove Cycle. Group 3 (me) were on a short break.

The break was very welcome. Short, but welcome. I used the opportunity to get out of my wet t-shirt and into a vest. That’s when I realised that I forgot to shave under my arms! I had a short internal discussion in the changing rooms…wear a wet, sweaty t-shirt or risk exposing my unshaven pits. My pits won. Ha ha! After an hour of Fight Klub, I just didn’t care.

The new workout was stick fighting. It was awesome. Only 2 per punch bag, we were able to let go of any frustrations and just vent into the pie bag. It was great! I felt Amazonian.

Groovy Cycle isn’t my thing. It’s pumped up spinning class. The idea is great. You’re dancing on a spin cycle. The room is dark. The music is really good. My bum doesn’t appreciate the itsy bitsy saddle though. It’s never been a fan of spinning.

We regrouped after going our separate ways for an MMA style workout. The music wasn’t working properly and the trainer copied and changed moves too quickly for my liking. It was my least favourite workout of all the official Fight Klub ones. I think many others felt the same as there were lots of people on the side just watching.

Troy led the last session which was just…I’m at a loss for adjectives that I haven’t used already…fantastic. His energy is great and it carried to all the participants. We roundhouse kicked, we squatted, we shakes our bootys.

At the end of it all I was tired. I was ready for more. I was hyped up. I was red. I was sweaty. I was hooked!

I can’t wait for my next Fight Klub experience. Maybe on the 28th of March?

Check out the other events if you’re in the UK. You won’t be sorry.

Thanks for reading x


2 thoughts on “Fight Klub…hooya!

  1. Impressive stats, Mich.
    I have been ordered not to ride the Argus cycle tour this year because of a lack of training!
    Still contemplating keeping my bike or changing to a 29er mtb, but will I find the time for it?
    Rodney bought himself a mtb recently.
    Well done on your achievement!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks brother. I’m looking forward to the next one. Booked it yesterday.
      Ordered by who? You must be disappointed.
      Keep your bike and get a mtb ☺
      You and Rod can go riding together 🚲🚴🚡


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