Challenge 1 – Day 3

Last night turned out to be one of those…no, there were no strange middle of the night fights outside but I did struggle to fall asleep. It was so very tempting to stay in bed this morning and not go to the gym. Very tempting.

Thankfully I want the only one getting up which made it a little easier and so The Special One and I took a walk to the gym together at about 6h25am. I realised that I don’t pay too much attention to calories burnt anymore and instead I just enjoy the feeling of being active and the energy that I get from exercising. I did cardio today and will do another aqua aerobics class tomorrow with Grace who happens to be my favorite gym instructor πŸ™‚

Back in the day when I had an iPhone, I discovered Meditation Oasis and saved all their podcasts. This was very helpful tonight as we got home much later than planned thanks to my mother in law and sister in law’s amazing cooking. Meditation Oasis do guided meditations and given that I’m feeling quite tired, I find it easier to follow someone’s voice than sit in silence and ‘risk’ falling asleep.

Today was a great day! In fact, this week has been awesome so far. I know that’s just randomly thrown into this post, but the thought occurred to me and so I wrote it.

Bring on day 4 of the 30 day challenge…I’m ready.

Hope you’re having a great week too.

Thanks for reading. X


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