Challenge 1 – Day 2

I’m sitting here writing this post while eating my dinner (a salmon fillet) so that I can get to bed at a reasonable time tonight. Sleep hasn’t been great the past few nights. Sunday night was just troublesome getting to sleep – we usually listen to a hypnobirthing relaxation cd when we get to bed which sends me to sleep in about 5 – 10 minutes. It’s about 28 minutes long and Sunday night I heard the whole track 😦 Sleep eluded me and when I eventually fell asleep it was only for a short period and I was awake again. Perhaps it was the excitement of the 30 day challenge? We’ll never know.

Last night the cd worked it’s magic. The Special One and I said our good nights, I turned on the track and I was gone.Β Until we were woken up by the sound of screaming and shouting…a couple somewhere were having a fight at around 1am and it was loud!Β Not cool. We both lay there listening in case there was any hint that it was getting violent. Eventually it stopped and we could sleep but broken sleep just doesn’t cut it – right? Although the optimist in me would say “broken sleep is better than no sleep”. πŸ˜€ Seriously though…we’re having a baby in around 10 weeks time…We need our sleep…NOW!


Having said allΒ that about sleep deprivation – these last couple of days I haven’t felt like sleeping while driving in to work. My journeys are pretty long. Yesterday’s was 1hr 15min and today’s was around 2 hours long. I don’t even think I yawned today. I remember this because I was thinking to myself while driving this morning how I should write about how I’ve not yawned. (Yes, I have these strange conversations with myself often every now and then)

This post is supposed to be about Day 2 of the 30 day challenge…so here goes. I woke up around 6h15 and started meditating when The Special One left for the gym. There’s not much to say about it except that I am really enjoying getting up and doing it. Spending time in silence is bliss. It feels good to be doing Reiki again – it’s been a while and definitely something that I am going to continue doing after the challenge.

I did the Tuesday aqua class for the first time. They have different teachers on different days and this one used floating weights. I loved it. It really felt like more of a workout than the other aqua classes that I’ve been to. We are off to see The Special One’s mum tomorrow before she leaves for a month so there won’t be time for gym in the evening. No, I’m not quitting – I’ll be swapping things around tomorrow – so gym in the morning and meditation in the evening. Nothing will stand in the way of me completing this challenge!

How’s your challenge going?

Thanks for reading. x


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