On Goals

A letter to my Crossfit coach.

Dear Frances,

When I came to SA, I had a vision of losing at least 20kg and becoming a Crossfit ‘shero’. Someone who inspires other people on their fitness journey. Someone with OMG transformation pictures. When I joined the CEY box, I really felt like this was the place to make these dreams a reality.
And these dreams needed to become a reality. From having to have my school clothing made because there weren’t sizes big enough for me to being taken, in my pre-teens, to some swanky house where promises of Cambridge diet shakes would make me thin. And finally, when your husband finds himself a girlfriend 15 years younger and many kilograms lighter than you, while you’re still married to him, clearly there’s a problem. With you. Right?
Yes, I know that’s not true…mostly.
Deep down I believed that to be more attractive, more lovable, more worthy, I needed to lose weight.
Never mind the fact that I’m strong, healthy, lovable and worthy JUST AS I AM.
I know that as a personal trainer and coach, your work is to transform people. I wanted you to know that even though my transformation isn’t obviously visible, you’re doing a great job with me. My transformation, you see, is internal. It’s emotional, it’s mental. Because you are you, you’re helping me to be more me.
Part of my journey while here in SA, I’ve realised, is to FINALLY realise that I AM ENOUGH, I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM WORTHY, I AM LOVABLE, I AM LOVED and I AM PERFECTLY MADE.
And so, my goals have nothing to do with changing my body and everything to do with what this amazing vessel, muscles, fat, bones, the works, can do.
Deadlift 115kg
Back Squat 90kg
Run 5kg (haven’t run since having baby)
Snatch 45kg
Push up variations x 10 with perfect form
Front Squat 75 kg (just added this today)
Power Clean 60kg
If my weight doesn’t change at all in our time together then please don’t ever think of either of us as failures. We’ve come a long way over these few months.
Besides, I can deadlift 105kg which makes me totally awesome.
With love and blessings and hippie vibes.
Michelle 

Spread LOVE…nothing else is more worthy.
Perfectly made me 🙂

Thanks for reading x


Beach WOD

A message yesterday afternoon confirmed that today’s workout would be happening on the beach. Woo! Excited? Yes, but I was slightly reluctant at the fact that it would also likely be full of people and I’m used to having an empty box when I’m training.

It was great! I was reunited with my training partner after been apart for a few weeks with the holidays. She showed up despite been attacked by a pretty nasty virus that has her temperature soaring and getting dizzy spells – she’s pretty hardcore! Her lovely son joined us as well. He’s hardcore too…I wonder where he gets it from? 😉

Here’s what we did…

  • 1.5km run
  • 50 shoulder taps
  • 40 lunges
  • 30 sit-ups
  • 20 push-ups
  • 10 x 10m burpee sprints
  • 1 min elbow plank
  • 1 min each side plank
  • 30 crunches
  • 30 reverse crunches

Then we ran into the sea! Bliss!


Thanks for reading x

First Session 2016

So my first Crossfit PT session for the year didn’t go so well. It was at 11am and although Baby Girl and I woke up later that usual, there was still enough time for me to get ready. Between seeing to her and getting ready, there was no time to eat anything. Big mistake!

The training session went something like this…


3 min row

  • Strength (bar only)
  • 10 x deadlift
  • 10 x push press
  • 10 x front squat


  • 12 cal row
  • 12 thrusters

repeat ↑ 3 times then 2 min rest

  • prowler 7 times up and down

then 2 min rest

  • 15 cal row
  • deadli…….

That’s all I could manage. After the prowler I  wasn’t sure if I wanted to faint or throw up and I couldn’t stop yawning. I was meant to deadlift then push press then front squat but every time I went down for the deadlift, the motion made me feel ill. And so that was that. First session was ok but I didn’t finish.

I was upset that I didn’t finish and also that I didn’t fuel properly for the session. I’ve trained without breakfast before but then the session was much earlier (and I don’t do it often).  Anyway, this is how we learn, right?

I was thinking about it while lying in bed after I got home (I just needed to rest) and this came to mind. It made me laugh.

images (1) (1)

Next workout is on the beach tomorrow morning. I’ll be preparing everything for breakfast before I go to bed. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading x

Ah Books

I’v been doing a lot of reading these past six months. A LOT! I do plan to write a little post on books that have made the biggest impact on my life, but right now I’m still reading a few of them.

One of my best friends, Chantal, introduced me to a book called ‘Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls’ by Jes Baker. Wow! The first book on body positivism that I’ve read and it’s left me wanting to read more. By the way, this book is for males and females of all sizes. I walk around looking at people passing by,and I smile while thinking, “Every body is beautiful.” I now have a list of other books I want to read but also, I have a list of things I want to do to. Previously these things fell into the realm of “I couldn’t do that because…(too big/too fat/etc)” Well screw that! This Girl Can! Thanks, Jes Baker. *fist bump*

Ok, the next book is called ‘Code Red: Know Your Flow, Unlock Your Monthly Super Powers and Create a Bloody Amazing Life. Period” by Lisa Lister. I couldn’t put it down. Ever read a book and things just make sense now that someone else has said it to you? That’s what happened for me. I also think the reason why I’m only interested in this kinda thing now is because I’m free of any fake hormones in my body after having Baby Girl. Oh, in case it wasn’t clear, this book is about menstruation and the cyclical nature of women. There’s a section near the end that was written by her husband for men. I suggest if men want to understand women better, buy the book and read the whole thing but pay special attention to the dudespeak bit that he writes.

So this all brings me to today. It’s been a beautifully hot day in Cape Town. Where I live, it was about 38°C when we were heading to the beach. Pumped with body positivism and the knowledge that I am perfectly made and the fact that I’m ovulating which makes me feel super awesome 😉 I hit the beach IN A TWO PIECE!!

OK, the bottoms were board shorts but this is still a first for me. I wasn’t in a foreign country. I was minutes away from where I live and could easily have bumped into someone I knew and I didn’t care. I sat on the sand playing with Baby Girl. Ran after her on the beach. Walked to the showers without covering up. I felt positively liberated! (see what I did there?)

I already know that I am a role model for Baby Girl but I need to step it up. It makes me sad when I hear a beautiful 11 year old joke about her stretch marks. Joke or not, it’s already on her radar. It’s not an easy road, what with all the advertising showing us what ‘perfect’ looks like, but I’ll be adding my voice to the body love movement.

We were having so much fun today that there wasn’t time to take any pics. Below are some that I took in the changing room while trying on swimsuits. I had no intention of posting them on a public forum until now. They were just sent to a few close friends for feedback before I handed over my money.


Thanks for reading x


Baby Girl and I went to the mall this morning. I usually try and go on my own but there were a couple of things I wanted to do and she’d been asking to go to the coffee shop and ride around in the special car trolleys they have there. So I figured today would be a bit of a treat. It was and we both enjoyed the time together. By the time we got back home, I was ready for her to nap. Turns out she had other ideas.

Baby Girl decided that mommy needed a lesson in patience. It’s another hot day (I’m not complaining) here in Cape Town so it takes a while for her to settle down anyway. First she needed to cool down – her words – once we got inside. Then it was time to be a butterfly and run around. A snack of a few penguin shaped crackers (as you do) was next.

In the meantime, in between all of these different activities, I’m going to the bedroom pretending to nap and hoping that she’d follow suit. No dice. Not even boobies could entice her to remain on the bed for longer than a few minutes.

Two and a half hours later, she’s sleeping. Woo! In her own time. As I was lying in bed next to her watching her drift away, I realised that she teaches me something everyday. Sometimes it’s the same thing over and over because, clearly, I’m not learning the lesson. So today, off the back of a really pleasant morning and without getting exasperated by the fact that I’m slightly hot and bothered and would like her to sleep, I learned the lesson.

Don’t force it. It’ll happen. Be patient.


Thanks for reading x


There are only a few minutes left for 2015 and there’s a lot of “I can’t wait to see the back of 2015” going around. There’s also a lot of “New Year, New You (Me)” too which I’m not subscribing to this time around. But more on that later.

I think that there are those who feel I’m in the ‘can’t wait..bye bye 2015’ camp, but I’m not. 2015 had shitty moments, absolutely. Doesn’t every year? But by no means was 2015 shitty for me. This year has been transformational. I am so grateful for all the lessons. Thankful for the highs and the lows (yes, those too) because it’s really the lows that have pushed me to see my own strength and step into my power.

I did a little exercise earlier this month to consolidate the year that was coming to a close and here’s what came…

I am grateful…

  • that I am financially abundant
  • for the courage that I have to meet life’s challenges
  • for my intuition and the ability to listen to it and act on it
  • for the support I receive
  • for being able to see the blessings in the journey of ending this phase of my relationship with LB
  • for being blessed with Myka

I acknowledge myself for…

  • trusting and acting on my intuition
  • being the mother that I am
  • being more me
  • building a new relationship with LB
  • saying “yes” to me
  • saying “no” to what doesn’t serve me
  • the healer that I am

Deep breath. Aaaaah. Smile.


Be blessed everyone. See you on the other side. We’re going to be OK.

Thanks for reading x

Christmas WOD

My last Crossfit personal training session for the year was a solo one 😦 My training partner was under doctor’s orders to stay home so it was just me and coach. The board was full so I had no idea what was my workout or if any of them was for me. I just had to wait and see.


  • 1km row

WOD – it was on the board…aptly named ’10 days till Christmas’. It looked simple enough until she explained it to me. 

  1. rope climb
  2. thrusters
  3. push press
  4. high pull clean (HPC)
  5. front squat
  6. sumo deadlift high pull (SDHP)
  7. front rack (FR) lunges
  8. box jumps
  9. overhead (OH) swings
  10. burpees

Simples, right? NOT!

Here’s how it worked..

  • do 1 and 2 then
  • do 1 and 2 and 3 then
  • do 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 then
  • do 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5…get the picture?

It was a sweaty business! A great session though especially as coach trained with me.


Thanks for reading x

Crossfit Kiddo

This post is about last week’s training session…don’t know why I haven’t written it up yet.

My parents were away and school had finished the day before so there was no-one to look after Baby Girl while I went to the gym. So she tagged along and she loved it! She’s a pretty awesome cheerleader and I definitely complained (and swore) less with her eyes on me constantly.


  • 5 calories on the b!tch bike
  • kettle bell farmer’s walk
  • 10 calories on the b!tch bike
  • kettle bell rack carry
  • 15 calories on the b!tch bike
  • kettle bell overhead carry

♥ Baby Girl got her own set of weights to carry around. She was so cute! ♥


Turkish get up (you can watch a video on what this is here but be warned…I’ve seen different styles for this same exercise)

WOD (AMRAP 15 minutes)

  • 200m run
  • 2/2 Turkish get up
  • 2 manmakers
  • 20 box step ups
  • 10 push ups

Coach also trained WOD with us except she wore a weight vest and did box jumps instead of step ups. Then Baby Girl asked to get on her back while she did the manmakers…and coach said yes! C.R.A.Z.Y.

It was great to share this part of my life with Baby Girl. Maybe we’ll train together when she’s older 🙂

Thanks for reading x

Low-Carb is Lekker Adventures – Chicken A La Low-Carb

I had taken some chicken breasts out of the freezer with the intention of cooking something wholesome for the girls yesterday. I ended up making a LCHF bobotie – wholesome but not chicken.

So I once again scoured my low-carb recipe books and came across Chicken A La Low-Carb in my Low Carb is Lekker book. My parents were also returning from being out of town for two weeks so I wanted to have something ready for them to eat as well.

I got up around 8:30 am and cooked in between taking care of Baby Girl and making sure she and her cousin were groovy. This delicious banting meal was done and dusted in about an hour and a half, including distractions. It was really quick and easy to make.


This meal went down well with the big and little people. Success!

A version of the recipe can be found on the Low Carb is Lekker website here.

Thanks for reading x