The WOD That Was

Ok, so this post is over a week overdue now. But better late than never, right? It was Monday 11th January and we were ready. Here goes:

Warm-up (2 minutes each)

  • skipping
  • b!tch bike
  • row
  • sit-ups,

then we did… 10-20-30

  • spiderman stretches
  • inchworm push-ups
  • ring rows
  • dragonflies

WOD – work 3 minutes, rest 2 minutes for 3 rounds – 6-9-12-etc

  • kb thrusters
  • kb swings
  • knee raises

Geez! It was a great workout. I loved it and hated it but loved it more. My stats for the WOD were:

  • round 1 – 36 reps
  • round 2 – 47 reps
  • round 3 – 41 reps

That was all I could manage but I felt good getting 40+ for 2/3 rounds. Tracey, my training partner, looked so elegant doing knee raises – almost like she’s dancing. Cute.


Thanks for reading x

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