Gone Swimming

Baby Girl has recently started going for swimming lessons. She loved her first lesson so much that she cried for 15 minutes because she didn’t want to leave. It was heartbreaking. Her cries were so absolutely heart sore that, yes, I signed her up for an additional block of classes. Now she goes twice a week.

We both love the water and one of our favourite activities is going to the beach. But here’s the problem…I can’t swim :-/

Yes, I’m a 39 year old from Cape Town and grew up near the beach and I can’t swim.  (You can get over it now and lift your jaw up from the floor.) I have this great desire to swim but also this deep seated fear of deep water. I remember going for swimming lesson at school and doing everything I could to avoid them. If I didn’t get to avoid them, I always tried to be the one to go last and then make my way to the wall as quickly as possible to hold on for dear life.

Not that long ago, on Sunday mornings, I would walk to the local ‘Cally Pool’ for swimming lessons and just know that it wasn’t really going to happen. This time was different. This time, as a healer, I have tools to help me acknowledge and overcome my fears. So I used them and they worked. The Monday night before my Tuesday morning lesson, I used EFT to work on all the fears I had that stopped me from being a swimmer. The video below is me, minutes into my first 30 minute swimming lesson.


OK, so not many people knew about my swimming (in)ability and it’s a pretty big thing for me to share this on here. But today, I received a message to ‘come out of the closet’ and this is me tiptoeing out.

Oh, and now I CAN swim! 

Thanks for reading x


2 thoughts on “Gone Swimming

  1. Much you’re such an inspiration. I LOVE how you are growing and LOVE reading about it too. Thanks for sharing. You’re a real life super star and Mika is the luckiest girl in the world to have you as her Mom. x

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  2. Faaaaark girlfriend!!!! You SWAM!!! I am an almost 51 year old woman who moves the sea and the beach but am terrified of waves and the deep, so will only swim in rock pools or rivers. Chelle, you continue to amaze and inspire me. ❤

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