Boxing Time

If there’s one thing I know about a boxing session, it’s that I’ll end up with sore calves when the DOMS set it. I wasn’t wrong! I love boxing and it really gets my heart racing and I work up a very satisfying sweat.


  • skipping – 2 rounds
  • shadow boxing – 1 round
  • bags – 2 rounds

Circuit – 3 roundsΒ 

  • wall balls
  • rope
  • sit-ups
  • kb overhead swings

I don’t know what happened but I sucked royally at wall balls. I think I managed 1, maybe 2. It’s not like I haven’t done them before. Just one of those days? Maybe. I guess that’s the only explanation. So I ended up subbing them with ball thrusters which was much better.

Ah well, I’ll just do them next time πŸ™‚

Oh, I just remembered that I also ended up running outside for about 200m with a ball and I have no idea why.

OK, so there are no pics of this session where Tracey’s son Mike joined us. At the end of training, Mike and Tracey gifted me with 3 beautiful crystals including a stunning amethyst cluster which I’m holding in the photo below.

Sweaty hugs!

Thanks for reading x

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