On Goals

A letter to my Crossfit coach.

Dear Frances,

When I came to SA, I had a vision of losing at least 20kg and becoming a Crossfit ‘shero’. Someone who inspires other people on their fitness journey. Someone with OMG transformation pictures. When I joined the CEY box, I really felt like this was the place to make these dreams a reality.
And these dreams needed to become a reality. From having to have my school clothing made because there weren’t sizes big enough for me to being taken, in my pre-teens, to some swanky house where promises of Cambridge diet shakes would make me thin. And finally, when your husband finds himself a girlfriend 15 years younger and many kilograms lighter than you, while you’re still married to him, clearly there’s a problem. With you. Right?
Yes, I know that’s not true…mostly.
Deep down I believed that to be more attractive, more lovable, more worthy, I needed to lose weight.
Never mind the fact that I’m strong, healthy, lovable and worthy JUST AS I AM.
I know that as a personal trainer and coach, your work is to transform people. I wanted you to know that even though my transformation isn’t obviously visible, you’re doing a great job with me. My transformation, you see, is internal. It’s emotional, it’s mental. Because you are you, you’re helping me to be more me.
Part of my journey while here in SA, I’ve realised, is to FINALLY realise that I AM ENOUGH, I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM WORTHY, I AM LOVABLE, I AM LOVED and I AM PERFECTLY MADE.
And so, my goals have nothing to do with changing my body and everything to do with what this amazing vessel, muscles, fat, bones, the works, can do.
Deadlift 115kg
Back Squat 90kg
Run 5kg (haven’t run since having baby)
Snatch 45kg
Push up variations x 10 with perfect form
Front Squat 75 kg (just added this today)
Power Clean 60kg
If my weight doesn’t change at all in our time together then please don’t ever think of either of us as failures. We’ve come a long way over these few months.
Besides, I can deadlift 105kg which makes me totally awesome.
With love and blessings and hippie vibes.
MichelleΒ ο’ͺο’ͺ

Spread LOVE…nothing else is more worthy.
Perfectly made me πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading x


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