First Session 2016

So my first Crossfit PT session for the year didn’t go so well. It was at 11am and although Baby Girl and I woke up later that usual, there was still enough time for me to get ready. Between seeing to her and getting ready, there was no time to eat anything. Big mistake!

The training session went something like this…


3 min row

  • Strength (bar only)
  • 10 x deadlift
  • 10 x push press
  • 10 x front squat


  • 12 cal row
  • 12 thrusters

repeat ↑ 3 times then 2 min rest

  • prowler 7 times up and down

then 2 min rest

  • 15 cal row
  • deadli…….

That’s all I could manage. After the prowler I  wasn’t sure if I wanted to faint or throw up and I couldn’t stop yawning. I was meant to deadlift then push press then front squat but every time I went down for the deadlift, the motion made me feel ill. And so that was that. First session was ok but I didn’t finish.

I was upset that I didn’t finish and also that I didn’t fuel properly for the session. I’ve trained without breakfast before but then the session was much earlier (and I don’t do it often).  Anyway, this is how we learn, right?

I was thinking about it while lying in bed after I got home (I just needed to rest) and this came to mind. It made me laugh.

images (1) (1)

Next workout is on the beach tomorrow morning. I’ll be preparing everything for breakfast before I go to bed. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading x


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