Ah Books

I’v been doing a lot of reading these past six months. A LOT! I do plan to write a little post on books that have made the biggest impact on my life, but right now I’m still reading a few of them.

One of my best friends, Chantal, introduced me to a book called ‘Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls’ by Jes Baker. Wow! The first book on body positivism that I’ve read and it’s left me wanting to read more. By the way, this book is for males and females of all sizes. I walk around looking at people passing by,and I smile while thinking, “Every body is beautiful.” I now have a list of other books I want to read but also, I have a list of things I want to do to. Previously these things fell into the realm of “I couldn’t do that because…(too big/too fat/etc)” Well screw that! This Girl Can! Thanks, Jes Baker. *fist bump*

Ok, the next book is called ‘Code Red: Know Your Flow, Unlock Your Monthly Super Powers and Create a Bloody Amazing Life. Period” by Lisa Lister. I couldn’t put it down. Ever read a book and things just make sense now that someone else has said it to you? That’s what happened for me. I also think the reason why I’m only interested in this kinda thing now is because I’m free of any fake hormones in my body after having Baby Girl. Oh, in case it wasn’t clear, this book is about menstruation and the cyclical nature of women. There’s a section near the end that was written by her husband for men. I suggest if men want to understand women better, buy the book and read the whole thing but pay special attention to the dudespeak bit that he writes.

So this all brings me to today. It’s been a beautifully hot day in Cape Town. Where I live, it was about 38°C when we were heading to the beach. Pumped with body positivism and the knowledge that I am perfectly made and the fact that I’m ovulating which makes me feel super awesome 😉 I hit the beach IN A TWO PIECE!!

OK, the bottoms were board shorts but this is still a first for me. I wasn’t in a foreign country. I was minutes away from where I live and could easily have bumped into someone I knew and I didn’t care. I sat on the sand playing with Baby Girl. Ran after her on the beach. Walked to the showers without covering up. I felt positively liberated! (see what I did there?)

I already know that I am a role model for Baby Girl but I need to step it up. It makes me sad when I hear a beautiful 11 year old joke about her stretch marks. Joke or not, it’s already on her radar. It’s not an easy road, what with all the advertising showing us what ‘perfect’ looks like, but I’ll be adding my voice to the body love movement.

We were having so much fun today that there wasn’t time to take any pics. Below are some that I took in the changing room while trying on swimsuits. I had no intention of posting them on a public forum until now. They were just sent to a few close friends for feedback before I handed over my money.


Thanks for reading x


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