Baby Girl and I went to the mall this morning. I usually try and go on my own but there were a couple of things I wanted to do and she’d been asking to go to the coffee shop and ride around in the special car trolleys they have there. So I figured today would be a bit of a treat. It was and we both enjoyed the time together. By the time we got back home, I was ready for her to nap. Turns out she had other ideas.

Baby Girl decided that mommy needed a lesson in patience. It’s another hot day (I’m not complaining) here in Cape Town so it takes a while for her to settle down anyway. First she needed to cool down – her words – once we got inside. Then it was time to be a butterfly and run around. A snack of a few penguin shaped crackers (as you do) was next.

In the meantime, in between all of these different activities, I’m going to the bedroom pretending to nap and hoping that she’d follow suit. No dice. Not even boobies could entice her to remain on the bed for longer than a few minutes.

Two and a half hours later, she’s sleeping. Woo! In her own time. As I was lying in bed next to her watching her drift away, I realised that she teaches me something everyday. Sometimes it’s the same thing over and over because, clearly, I’m not learning the lesson. So today, off the back of a really pleasant morning and without getting exasperated by the fact that I’m slightly hot and bothered and would like her to sleep, I learned the lesson.

Don’t force it. It’ll happen. Be patient.


Thanks for reading x


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