A Partner Workout

Today Coach Frances added all sorts of craziness to today’s training session. Loved most of it. Hated some of it. Killed it and felt awesome after. Gotta love her…even when she’s lovingly calling us ‘whiny bitches’

Lets get to it. Today’s workout was…


  • inch worm
  • body weight squats


  • 10 back squats – bar (15kg)
  • 10 back squats – 25kg
  • then coach adds on another 10kg (total 35kg) and says “Go to failure but aim for 20. If you do 30, great. If you only do 15 then that’s cool too” So I start and get to 20 and she says “She’s gonna do 50!” SO I DID 51!!

Partner WOD

  • 50m wheelbarrow / Tracey did push-ups between rounds
  • 200 sledgehammers / Tracey did sit ups
  • 20 tyre flips
  • 200m medicine ball run
  • 100 squats
  • 100 supermans

My training partner Tracey is bloody awesome. She’s post op and works like a beast. She and coach are such an inspiration to me and I’m so thankful that I can train with them.

Then we stretched.

So that was today. It was a good day.


Thanks for reading x


One thought on “A Partner Workout

  1. I’very caught up on your blog. And in have to say this: you are real, beautiful, soulful, strong, and the most womenenest I’d want to be. I love training with you…but even more…I love being educated by you about being real, and beautiful, and strong, and soul-filled. I am honoured to be training with you. X

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