Sometimes the universe sends us messages but we’re so distracted that we fail to hear them. Sometimes the universe sends us people to helps us recognise these messages.  

I’ve often said or done something which I know is the right thing for me but am still concerned with the reaction of the other person. Disappointed even, when they don’t react in the way I’d hoped they would. I’m not talking about being nasty or anything. I mean saying to the other person, “This is what I’m doing because it’s the right thing for me.” (As opposed to, “This is what I’m doing to you.”)

I feel like an example is needed. Here you go…

I decided to end a relationship on the basis that by continuing in it, I was denying myself what I truly wanted in a relationship. 

Simple enough, right? But what I later realised, after being disappointed by the other person not going, “Oh dear, let me be everything she wants.” is that part of me did this in order to (hopefully) get that response. So it wasn’t all about saying “yes” to myself. 

I looked back and noticed how many times I’ve done this. I start with strong with good intentions of being a solid and resounding “Yes!” to myself but then still hoping for a particular reaction, cowering in the corner (figuratively speaking, of course) waiting and hoping for the right reaction. 

So, moving forward, all there will be is the “Yes!” to myself in whatever form that may take. The reaction is of little consequence. 





Thanks for reading x


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