Float Like a Butterfly

OK, so today we boxed and the title of this post is more wishful thinking than anything else. Dear readers, I do not float when I box! Maybe one day I will, time will tell. What a great training session though. It’s a hot day despite being quite cloudy so that, combined with the cardio, meant I was sweating buckets! Good thing I’m a firm believer that sweat is liquid awesome! 

Let’s remember that yesterday was deadlift day so we worked pretty hard just 24 hours ago. Here’s what today looked like at our crossfit box…


2 rounds of skipping (total of 6 minutes)


Boxing for 4 rounds (total of 15 minutes) We first boxed with a partner which was fun, trying to make contact with shoulders or abdomen. Then took turns boxing with Coach or with the bags. Phew those bags can be mean! But not as bad as Coach! (I do love her, really)

WOD – work 45s rest 15s (read rest as ‘get ready for next exercise’) for 2 rounds

  • OH swings
  • Push-ups
  • Butterfly sit-ups
  • Plank
  • Sprints

That was that. That was enough! More to come tomorrow…what was I thinking?

Somehow, despite the energetic cardio filled workout, we were pretty energetic after and FF and TFB showed us their twerking skills. Enjoy!

A little collage from today’s training session

Thanks for reading x


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