I betrayed A’s trust about 8 months ago. I told B about A’s collection of private writing and shared it with B. I intended to give B a better idea of what was going on with A and to help B understand some of what C was going to be exposed to. I knew that C was going to be hearing some of it face-to-face from A. 

After I told B, I immediately told A about the betrayal. A wasn’t happy but understood why I had done it. We moved on. It was never mentioned again until very recently. 

B understood why this was shared with them. B swore that no one would ever find out about what I’d shared. Then B told C. B didn’t tell A or me about telling C. C didn’t tell A or me about this secret.  So, A and I knew that B knew and A and I didn’t know that C knew. Confused yet?

Then B and C stopped talking to me. Why? C was upset that I’d betrayed A’s trust. Noble, right? Except that A knew what I’d done and accepted it. B and C continued talking to each other and to A. Hmmm…was being upset with me the only reason for this lack of communication? 

Then one day, not too long ago, A tells C about the collection of private writing. C tells A that while C hasn’t read it, C knows of it. C tells A that this is the reason for the lack of communication with me. 

So now it’s all in the open. Back to normal? Everyone communicating again? 


Thanks for reading x


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