You’re Gonna K@k

kak* South African word for sh!t (my mother reads my blog so I feel obliged to not swear 😘)

I walked into my Crossfit box this morning and my training partner and coach were already there. It’s been over a week since we’d trained together. For various reasons, we’d both missed the same sessions. Hugs were exchanged and then coach asks, “Are you ladies feeling fat and unfit?” Our answer was a resounding “Yes!” Coach smirked then with the sweetest smile on her face, says quietly, “You’re gonna k@k.” Only one thing to think…oh sh!t 😈

Coach doesn’t tell us the workout in advance. That’s a good thing because if I see beforehand, well, I may run away, if I turn up at all. 

Warm up

  • Bear walks up and down the length of the gym
  • Body weight squats, then
  • 3 rounds of…
  • 10 x normal push-ups
  • 5 x narrow push-ups
  • 5 x diamond push-ups
  • 5 x wide push-ups 


Every 90s we did…

  • 25 rope slams
  • 6 calories on the b!tch bike
  • 15 overhead kettle bell swings

…for 5 rounds 😮


We stretched. Aaaaaaah! ☺️

I was D.O.N.E. after that workout but I felt oh so good!

And now for some photos


Thanks for reading x


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