It Seems

He likes having her around. Like a pet? She wonders. Of course not like that, he protests.

Oceans apart so there’s no acting on the feelings they have for each other. Except to hypothesize, dream and plan elements of a life that may never come to pass.

He likes having her around. On his terms, it seems. When the darkness comes to him, it seems her needs no longer matter. His darkness needs solitude. He retreats. Her cry for support at a volatile time, less than 24 hours earlier, falls on deaf ears. Lost in the ether, it seems.

Is she selfish to ask him for support? To ask him to fulfil a need she wants from a partner in a relationship?

These sanctions that he imposes without warning are wearing her down.

She feels like her needs aren’t met because he’s taking care of his. Fair enough.

What’s the solution?

What’s the way forward?

Is this a deal breaker?


Thanks for reading x


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