I miss me. Ever happy, smiley, sunshiney me. I realise that this wasn’t really me. Sometimes the happiness was fake. Giving everyone what I thought they wanted, what they needed. Β Be happy always and everyone will like you. “You have such a beautiful smile.” Can’t possibly show then anything else, right?

Perhaps this is my rebirth. My opportunity to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix. Everything that has happened, everything that is happening, is exactly what I need for this awakening. All the pain, a catalyst to catapult me into this period of growth, change, reincarnation.

So, while I miss old me, I don’t want to be her. Forget fake. It’s time to release old patterns. Time for courage.

Now comes the hard part.


I wrote this a week ago but have held back on sharing. The time is right.

Thanks for reading x


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