The Anger

I’m angry at you.
I’m angry at me.
I’m angry at him and him.
I’m angry at her.
I’m angry at them.

Me, now a single mother trapped by my need for your support.
You, now in love, having weekends away. Do you even give us a thought?
It doesn’t feel that way.
Not when ‘oh boo’ or ‘damn’ is all that you say.
Worse still, just an emoji in response to photos of your daughter.
You’re a man of words, use them!
Or are they reserved for your new partner?

Frustrated, heavy, ashamed, not good enough, is how you left me.
Proud, free of doubt, courageous, is where I want to be.


As part of my healing, I’m seeing a counsellor. This was part of an exercise. I wrote a letter to The Special One expressing my anger and let it go wherever it flowed. Part two was extracting parts of the letter and creating a poem. This is the poem. I am honoured that you are here. Thank you. So much pain..

Thanks for reading x


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