Low Carb Is Lekker Adventures: Sweet Scones

I love my new ‘Low Carb is Lekker‘ banting book. I’ve tried a few recipes so far and will post as and when I get a chance to do some writing. First up from the book were the low carb cheese scones. Not my first choice but my mom fancied something sweet and suggested I make them.

Low Carb is Lekker Sweet Scones
Low Carb is Lekker Sweet Scones

The ingredients were simple enough and I’d already bought them on a shopping trip a few days earlier.

A successful shop!
A successful shop!

Baby Girl wanted to help me mix them. It was a bit of a messy job getting the butter mixed which mommy had to do on her own, so she was happy to just watch me stir in the wet ingredients. The dough got scooped onto the baking tray as instructed and I wasn’t hopeful that they would look like the picture in the book.

Sweet_scones_baking_with_the_girl (800x600)

Sweet_scones_ready (800x600)

Sweet_scones_done (800x600)

The end result was a rather flat, scone-like ‘thing’ that tasted beautiful! Mom was happy and as there were only two us eating them, they lasted three days days sealed in an airtight container. I think I’ll put them in a muffin tin next time to help maintain a more uniform (less flat) shape.

Sweet_scones_tada (800x600)
Looks good now, doesn’t it?

Served with slices of fresh strawberries and double thick cream, this sweet scone from ‘Low Carb is Lekker’ is a winner!

Thanks for reading x

You can get the book on Kindle from Amazon here…


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