Live Like There’s No Tomorrow

For a while now I’ve been writing posts that I don’t publish. They’re just filed away in Google Drive, aptly named ‘private’. I’ve decided that it’s time to share some of them. So here goes… This one was written on 4thΒ May 2015.

Live Like There’s No Tomorrow

There’s an internal struggle. I love him but right now I don’t like him very much. I want to help and support him but he feels there’s no help to be offered. So he sinks into the darkness. Lets the abyss consume him. At home he’s silent, sullen. Conversation is rare. Smiles are like an eclipse. They hardly happen and if you aren’t paying attention, you’ll miss it.

I want to throw my love at him but I feel like I’m talking to a humanish brick wall. I’m lost. I’m exhausted. I can only but imagine what he’s feeling and I don’t think my imagination can stretch as far as his reality.

So with 8 weeks left before we part ways, I’m going to live like there’s no tomorrow, because for us, there isn’t.

tomorrow isn't promised

Thanks for reading x

* humanish…yes, yes, I made it up.


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