At the moment, life is a series of goodbyes. I’m a bundle of emotions (there’s a surprise). Seeing people who have had an impact on my life, big and small, and bidding them adieu for now, maybe forever. Only time will tell.

My heart hurts as I say goodbye, slowly but surely, to London. The place that has been home for the last 11 years. There are so many places I’ve not seen, so many things I thought I’d have time to do. I’ll have to ensure that I do everything when I come back because forever isn’t guaranteed.

I should be excited about going to South Africa but I’m not. The goodbyes continue and they dampen any excitement I may have.

I won’t even get the chance to say some of the goodbyes I’d like to deliver in person. There’s an awkward juggling of schedules taking place in order to maximize time and see as many people as possible.

The most feared goodbyes are yet to come. I blindly try to prepare for them. Bracing myself for the flood of emotion that I know is coming. I hate goodbyes even when I know it’s not forever. But wait, nothing is promised, so any goodbye may very well be forever. But I really hope these ones aren’t.
Thanks for reading x


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