I was sitting in my happy space today, getting frustrated that I can’t get my tablet to speed up so that I can write before it was time to leave. Suddenly it refreshed and my screensaver came up. This…


Beautiful, right. It made me smile. I remember that we were happy. We were very happy together…once upon a time.

His words ring over and over in my head, “I love you but I’ve never been in love with you.” I’m coming to terms with that but it’s a slow process. How do you just accept that when you’ve been the recipient of the love? The other half of a relationship where you felt like the other was in love.

Love is so subjective. I suppose the word means different things to different people. It also probably means something different depending on your life experiences. Who knows?

Right now, I love him but I don’t like him very much. I don’t like him. That’s ok, I’m sure I’ll like him again one day. Maybe once there’s been some distance between us. Once there’s no chance for him to misrepresent the truth because he’s protecting himself in case I lash out. Only time will tell.

Time. The great healer. Time is on our side, right?

Thanks for reading x

(I’ve just poured out thoughts…Not even sure what I wrote a few paragraphs up but going to publish anyway.)
(And my tablet still isn’t working properly :-\ I might start a crowd funding campaign to get a laptop! Lol)

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