A Refrain

They stroke me, my emotions, my ego
Making me feel good, trying to remove the pain
Their efforts are not in vain
For a moment I forget and let go
But then it returns, his refrain
I love you but I’m not in love with you and now I’m in love with her

They are not him, he doesn’t stroke me
He doesn’t try to make me feel good
Why would he when he caused the pain?
My hopes for something, anything from him are in vain
In those moments the venom freely flows
And then I calm, returning to my refrain
He loves me but he’s not in love with me and now he’s in love with her

I don’t know how this ends. I don’t know the next line
I see pity, love, sympathy, pain, anger, everything in their eyes
Our planned future was shattered without any warning
By him, my number one, my everything
And now it’s always there, the refrain
Love is not enough
Love was not enough
Will love ever be enough?

Thanks for reading x


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