He Didn’t Settle

It’s strange to hear someone say that they didn’t think we’d make it. Impressions they had of us on first meeting us and then subsequent meetings thereafter.

It’s not the first time that I heard it. The first time was from someone very close to both of us. Someone deeply affected by our break-up who, despite it all, was still rooting for us.

But tonight when I heard it with the absence of emotion, it was different. This person then qualified what they said with what I can only describe as ‘wisdom’ then it puts a completely different spin on things. I didn’t feel hurt like I did when I heard it before. This time I felt light.

So I have a response to the post I wrote earlier. Funny, right? Writing a response to my own post.

He didn’t settle when he chose me as his girlfriend. He saw the light inside me and was drawn to it. We both had something to offer each other.

He didn’t settle when he told me we’d marry and have kids one day. He knew I’d make a good wife and mother. I’m a nurturer. I’m a carer. It’s who I am.

He didn’t settle every time we, well, you know. At the time it was right for us. And it was good.

He didn’t settle when he chose me as his wife. I am a bloody amazing person. I am a wonderful woman. I was the right choice for him then.

He didn’t settle when he decided that I was the woman to mother his child. I was the perfect complement to him as a parent. We are good parents for Baby Girl together. Not together together any more but we’re good for her and she chose us.

He didn’t settle for seven years. We have come to the end of a wonderful journey. We will be ok. We will be better than ok.

I am grateful for the last seven years.


Thanks for reading x


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