When I Kiss The Sky

When I kiss the sky
Everything vanishes in a puff. Stillness prevails.
The pain, the anger, it all disappears.
I want to be here forever with the absence of fears.

The high is short-lived.
Everything comes crashing down again.
I retreat into a world of whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter.
Talk to me, anyone. Don’t leave me alone with these feelings.

When I feel them all the questions come.
Is he going to see her tonight. That little b!tch.
I hate her more than I should. It should all be for him.
But I’ve tried and tried but my love is too strong.

So I kiss the sky again and it’s back.
A place of no feeling but just being.
A place of peace, awareness, understanding.
When I kiss the sky, I am free.

Thanks for reading x

Written on Sunday 17 March 2015 while drinking a delicious almond milk mocha in Matthew’s Yard, Croydon.


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