Promises Promises

Due to recent events, I’ve come to believe that its human nature to over-promise things.

They (humans) mean well but they forget that they have their own lives. But they get caught up. Caught up in your moment and so they promise everything. Their time. Their friendship. Their shoulders. Their empathetic ears. They forget about their lives for a moment and promise you all these things that they were never going to be able deliver on. Not always. Not every time.

So next time you have a friend or family member who needs emotional support, remember to add the small print that’s usually left unsaid. “I’ll be here for you whenever possible”, “message me whenever you want and I’ll respond when I’m free”.

Without managing the expectations of someone in emotional turmoil, you create expectations that will only serve to frustrate, maybe even enrage and possibly send that person into a further state of depression.


Thanks for reading x


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