An Anti-Wallow Post

A mutual friend called me today and during the really long conversation begged me not to wallow in my pain, my sadness, my despair.

In light of this request, here’s a list of things I’m looking forward to about moving back to South Africa in a few weeks time:

I’ll be with my family. My people.
I’ll spend time friends I don’t see often enough.
The mountain.
The sea.
A choice of beaches to visit.
Time and distance from him.
The opportunity for Baby Girl to spend time building meaningful connections with her South African family.
Sunshine (once winter is over).

Yes I’m scared about starting over. I’m scared about being a single mother. I’m scared that home won’t feel like home anymore. There are so many more things that scare me about the future. But I have no choice. I can wallow or move. I chose to move.


Thanks for reading x

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