Hot Or Not

One day, many years ago, I asked him (stupidly), “Do you think I’m hot?” Who asks that to the person who has declared their love for you and has already exposed that they predict (not see) a future with you, right? Yep, that’s me folks.

The answer, not quite what I was expecting. “No, not hot. Maybe sexy.” I married him anyway. I planned to have a child with him anyway. In the words of our Baby Girl, “silly me!”

I’ve kept this with me for seven years. Hire doesn’t think you’re hot. But he loves me. He wants to, and has had a child with me. That says something, right? Wrong.

It means nothing. Everything means nothing. I’m completely giving in to my Victim archetype right now. I hate my life right now.

Don’t worry too much though. I’ll get over myself and start living again. Just now, these minutes spent writing this post, this is how I feel.


Thanks for reading x


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