It’s Wild Out There

The vultures ascend. I didn’t know they were around. They couldn’t have sensed the death because I didn’t. The heart of my marriage had hardly stopped beating, not yet taken it’s final breath, and there they were.

All from the past. All offering their support. Some make statements that are then fobbed off as jokes in bad taste. Others throw little breadcrumbs as bait, waiting for a bite. Waiting for me to say it first. I wonder what their wives would think of their behaviour?

Then there are those who declare everlasting love, support and commitment. They make promises no man should ever make to a woman. You ask them for space and they go off to look for a distraction in the female form.

Then there’s the one who bides his time. Asking the right questions. Offering timely commiserations. Not pouncing. Waiting for things to organically move in a particular direction. Fair play.

What all these animals need to realise is that the marriage is dead. Not me. I haven’t been reduced to a creature who needs rescuing or one easily manipulated. I’m not the sheep to their sheepdog. Nor am I the rat to their Pied Piper.

Me? I’m a frigging Tiger! I am a fighter. I am strong. I am a survivor. I shall overcome!

Thanks for reading x

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