Each Time

“Hey, how are you?”, they ask. They, who know nothing yet. What do I say?
a) I’m good thanks.
b) I’m not great.
c) I’m pretty sh!tty because he’s leaving me because he’s not in love with me anymore (well he believes he never was) and oh, he’s in love with someone else now.

When people ask that question, do they want to know how you’re feeling in general or at that exact moment? Maybe my answer should be twofold, to cover all the bases. “In general I’m not great but speaking to you, I’m frigging awesome!” Yes, maybe that’ll work better.

You see, each time I tell someone about this situation, my heart breaks just a little more. (Although I didn’t think that it was possible to feel more pain.) Each time I give life to this reality, I feel like a failure again. Each time I speak about this, I fall a little deeper.


Thanks for reading x


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