They Worry

“We’re worried about you.” I hear that so often these days. What exactly do they worry about, I wonder?

Do they worry that I’ll do something stupid? Trust me, after extensive research (because that’s what I do), there’s no way I’m inflicting that kind of pain on myself, loved ones and potentially even strangers.

Do they worry that I’ll do something that I’ll regret? Now maybe this one is more valid except that when there’s nothing to lose, will there be any regret? So, perhaps there’s something there.

Maybe they worry because sometimes when they call, I’m in a state of despair and can hardly speak with trying to control the crying.

Maybe they worry because they know that I have given everything of myself to this relationship and now that it’s over, I’m lost.

Maybe they worry that they gave our relationship too much credit. They said it was perfect. They said it was what they wanted for themselves. Now that’s all shattered.


They all worry. Some of them don’t say much or anything. I suppose they sit back and hope everything will be ok. Part of me wishes they’ll check in now and again…just in case.

Thanks for reading x


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