What It Is

There are days when letting go feels easier. Then there are days when letting go is so very painful that the physical manifestation of the pain makes me want to curl up and die disappear.

Even on the easier days, like today, there’s a struggle to hold back the tears in public when the pain takes over.

Without a doubt, this has been the best relationship I’ve been in. The environment that we created meant that we were able to grow, learn, thrive. But that was then.

Now it’s over. There’s no more growing and learning left for us, the way we were. There is no us. Our final lessons are been learned now. These last moments together as we ride out the next few months. Moments that will mark the end of the closing scene of the play known as ‘Our Lives’.

It was love.

It was good.

I’ll remember the good.
I’ll remember the beginning.
I’ll remember the end.
I’ll remember that love wasn’t enough.

I wish the best for him.
Always have.
Always will.

Thanks for reading x


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