Pizza Adventures – Part 2

The pizza craving continues now that I’ve had a lchf friendly pizza. One of my favourite LCHF bloggers and social media people recently posted a pizza that he created. This wasn’t any ordinary pizza though…it was a meatzza. What is a meatzza you ask? Well now, it’s a pizza with a base made of…wait for it…are you ready??? M.E.A.T.! Yep. The base of this pizza is made of minced beef (aka ground beef).

I was sceptical but because of the source of the recipe, I decided to go for it. His recipe calls for lean mince because this will produce a drier base. I didn’t have lean mince so I had to make do with pouring off the liquid a few times. (Beware of using kitchen towel inside the oven as it may start flaming *oops*)

I’d only taken mince out of the freezer so there were no other meaty toppings available which was fine with us. I topped the pizza with homemade tomato sauce, peppers, chopped up sundried tomatoes & peppadews, lots of cheese and added some avo once it came out of the oven.


It was gorgeous. Another keeper in my pizza recipe files.

Feeling adventurous? Give this pizza a try.

Thanks for reading x


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