Hairy Tales – Henna Part 1

I’ve had some henna in the bathroom cupboard for a while and today I decided to use it. I’ve not applied henna in a very long time and I felt like a change (albeit subtle) was needed.

Curly Nikki is every curly girl’s hero and I decided to do a version of her abbreviated henna routine because I only got to mix the henna quite late (with green tea) and so didn’t have time to let it sit for hours for the colour to develop. I’ll only know what the result will look like tomorrow as it’s just gone midnight and I’ll sleep with it on my hair and rinse out in the morning. Once it’s rinsed out, it may still need a day or two for the colour to develop even more.

My treatment differs from Curly Nikki’s in that I only had a 100g bag of henna which I’d previously opened so there was only about 50g which is probably too little for all my hair. I used 2 bags of green tea seeped in 500 ml of boiling water but I didn’t use all of it as I didn’t want it too runny since I’ll be sleeping with it on my hair. I added about 2 tablespoons of honey after mixing the tea and henna powder together.

Takeaways from this henna treatment so far? In no particular order…

  1. Detangling dry curly hair sucks. I’ve never done it before and won’t do it again. I used Baby Girl’s tangle teezer which did the job but nuh uh…not again. This version of Curly Nikki’s henna treatment called for detangling.
  2. Wear snug fitting gloves. The plastic gloves I used were too big and kept slipping off resulting in a messier application (for me and the bathroom floor)
  3. Check that there’s enough conditioner for the rinse out. I use a lot of conditioner to rinse the henna out and I’ve got 2 bottles of past halfway conditioner.
  4. Chuck newspaper on the floor to make clean up easier. Enough said.

Once the henna was applied I wrapped my hair in cling film and then wrapped my head in a scarf to protect my pillow from any henna transfer. Good times.

There may be some more lessons once I’ve rinsed this out tomorrow later. Time will tell. In the meantime, here are some photos to entertain you.


Thanks for reading x


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