Pizza Adventures – Part 1

Recently I’ve been craving pizza and haven’t been keen to try the cauli pizza base that seems to be most common in the keto/LCHF/banting world. Thanks to social media, I came across a pizza recipe with a low carb high fat base appropriately referred to as fat head pizza.

The base is so simple (check out the link above) and only consists of almond flour, mozzarella, cream cheese and egg.

My first (and only so far) attempt at making this pizza was on Saturday when my brother-in-law came to visit. Not the best day for a first attempt. When the base came out of the oven I wasn’t convinced that this was going to be any good. It reminded me a little of oopsieΒ bread. I decided not to give up and continued to finish making it.

For the topping, I prepared chicken which I chopped up and tossed with some olive oil and jerk seasoning then fried. On top of that I added some grated mozzarella and double gloucester cheese.

One word…DELISH!


It went down very very well. This recipe is definitely a keeper and will probably become a regular meal in our house.

Thanks for reading x


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