My Breasts are Amazing

I never expected to be writing a post with this title but I’ve gone back to the Writing 101 challenge and chose to do the free writing task and this is what’s come out. I’ve also got to write at least 400 words so without further ado and within a limited time frame, let me wax lyrical about my amazing boobs.

Why am I going on about them? Well Baby Girl is going on for 21 months and she is still nursing. Yes, i still breastfeed our daughter. Ok, no it’s not that amazing. The amazing part is that for the first year, she was getting milk 24/7. Every time she cried, she got a boob stuck in her mouth and was happy. When she needed to sleep and I was there (which was almost always), my milk-filled breasts were there to lull her into a sweet slumber.

Then I started a course to train as a teacher because I didn’t want to continue my career in HR. So I expressed milk everyday during tea and lunch breaks at school. Each day I brought home one or two bags to go into the freezer . My milk supply never decreased.  Then I finished my course and I was home for a week or two before starting my first teaching job. While I was home, Baby Girl continued to do what she did and this included nursing and asking for ‘boob’ whenever the inclination hit her.

When I started working as a teacher, she started going to a childminder every day. She didn’t have milk at the childminder though. Never asked for it and never has. She’s content to eat food and drink water. The minute she sees me in the afternoons when I fetch her, she giggles, screams ‘mommy’, runs away (with excitement) and then comes back to me just saying one thing…’booby’. Then the two of us reconnect after hours of being away from each other. She just drinks, looking up at me and I watch her asking questions about her hay to which she just responds with ‘hmm or uh uh’.

She still wakes in the middle of the night and thankfully The Special One and I have no inclination to move her into the other room which means that she just rolls over to me and gets into drinking position. I’m always available for a cuddle and some comforting need-help-getting-back-to-sleep booby milk.

So here’s what I think is amazing about my breasts. Despite having these many hours away from Baby Girl during the day for the past 6 months, my milk supply is still enough for her. On weekends there must be more because she drinks during the hours that I’m usually at work on other days. Thanks to this endless supply of milk, we’ve saved time and money because we don’t have to buy milk/bottles or spend time making them and cleaning bottles. My breasts have the ability to comfort her when she needs something and they provide a sense of security for her. And in the unlikely event of some sort of disaster, she’ll remain well nourished. She even told me earlier this week ‘I love booby’. Ahhhhh!

Thanks for reading x


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