A Simple Banting Brunch

Today I started (as I usually do) with a cup of coffee. No ordinary cup of coffee though. It’s a fat coffee. Coffee with coconut oil, a little bit of butter and some cream (occasionally with some cinnamon) blitzed in the blender for about 10 seconds. The result is a frothy cup of LCHF deliciousness. The problem (and I use this word frivolously here) is that it makes me feel full – for a long time. Not really a problem, right? The real problem is that feeling full means no eating and no eating mean inadequate nutrition derived from a cup of coffee. See the problem now?

So a few hours after having this, I whipped up a super duper easy tasty brunch. I present to you…


This little beauty is:

2 boiled eggs mashed with homemade banting mayo and some grated cheese plus half an avo and some homemade seed crackers. Easy, right? Homemade recipes are all from my favourite foodie book The Real Meal Revolution.

Christmas is coming and I’m not going to mess this up. I’m not going all super strict because that’s never been me but I am going to be sensible 🙂

The RMR book isn’t available on Amazon yet (insane, right?) but it can be purchased via South Africa and with postage it’s a pretty cool deal when converting to pounds.

You can buy the book here and with delivery to the UK it’ll cost £17.35. Not too shabby, eh? This is cheaper than the preorder price of £20 on Amazon.co.uk and you’ll get it before June 2015 😀

Thanks for reading x


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