My Instagram ‘Fitspirations’

Yes, I just made up that word. What I’d like to share with you are my fitness inspirations. The pages I follow, mull over and draw inspiration from.

training4mylife – this woman is awesome. She is committed to changing her life by getting fit and being healthy. She regularly posted ‘before and now’ photos, pics of her workouts and motivational stuff. She also engages with her followers and replies to comments.

tissfit – she is training4mylife’s coach. She posts videos as well as pics. This woman is my dream coach. I hope to find a coach like her… soon!

followthelita – great body, great attitude and seems like a great coach.

rippedgoddessfitness – Connie is lovely. There’s also a Facebook page that’s very interactive. It’s the encouragement I received from fellow RGs that got me into the squat racks at my gym.

mrshutupandtrain – there’s a free workout challenge on his website starting on Monday 21 September. Join me!

mankofit – lots of photos and video workouts and she seems like such a nice person.

danalinnbailey – I admire DLBs dedication. She doesn’t take herself to seriously but she serious about her sport. I like that.

brittnebabe – a body weight training inspiration for everyone. And a body to aspire to!

strengthambassadors – I’ve attended a couple of their workshops and loved it. I am saving so that I can attend a whole course. I would love to work with Sally.

melissasarahwee – talk about dynamite in small package! She’s so little and so big, it’s amazing. I don’t strive to look like her but I admire her attitude and dedication.

So that’s where I find daily inspiration. Do you avidly follow anyone on Instagram?

Thanks for reading x


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