Writing 101 – A Room With A View

“If you had the power to get somewhere – anywhere – where would you go right now?”

That’s today’s writing challenge. When I saw this, my first thought was to not write anything because I couldn’t think of any other room I wanted to be in. The Special One thought it’s an easy assignment and then reminded me that Baby Girl was born in a room (I know most babies are born in rooms – but her birth was slightly unusual for this century).

So then I started thinking about the post and was transported to a room that when you walked in, the faint smell of incense sets the scene and calms the senses. Where a massive king-sized bed is scattered with rose petals and looking beyond the open shutters into the adjacent bathroom there’s a bath full of water, rose petals fill it too. It’s light outside but the bathroom seems darker than the bedroom, must be the jungle that’s just outside the bathroom window.

Turning to the shutters in the room, we open them and step out onto the balcony. We see no-one. It’s like we’re the only people in the world and have been transported to paradise. There’s a pool just outside our room and, while we can see the other side, it stretches out so wide that we can’t see where it ends. There’s the sound of the sea out there, not crashing waves, but a rhythmic ebb and flow. There’s another sound, can’t quite tell what it is, it sounds like, hmmm, we’ll call it nature. It’s uncluttered by cars, aeroplanes flying overhead, sirens, other humans.

In this room, we celebrate our first proper holiday as a married couple. In this room, we share hopes and dreams. In this room, we plan our future. In this room, we look out at the scene in front of us and feel blessed beyond belief for what we have and the future ahead of us.

Honeymoon in Thailand 2012
Honeymoon in Thailand 2012

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