Getting Fit at Home

I’ve not made it to the gym in a really long time. I want to go but I’m not winning. Baby Girl gets really upset if I’m not there in the morning when she wakes up and wants boob. In the evenings, she gives The Special One a hard time if I’m not there and she wants to go to sleep. It isn’t pleasant for him. So I’m supposed to go to the gym once she’s asleep, but that’s not happening either. Over the last few weeks, she’s been fighting sleep and going to bed really late – close to 10pm on some nights. This week she’s back into a bit of a routine with sleep time closer to 8pm. But she’s got a cold so she likes having mommy and her boobs around. No gym for me then. Argh! Maybe these are just excuses? I need to get my shizzle sorted out and do something…anything!

I received an email about a 28-Day Squat Challenge so I am going to do this. I’ve already done my 20 for the day. It was pretty easy going so I may look at the Intermediate squat challenge instead – I’ll let you know.

I miss lifting heavy weights. Maybe all I need to do is just plan my days better. Could it be that easy? My mom arrives this week for a 5 week stay with us – maybe I can ask her to babysit in the afternoons so that I can grab an hour at the gym. That would be so a-w-e-s-o-m-e! I need to get back on track with my fitness. Let’s see what happens.

Thanks for reading x


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