Whole30 – Ten Days To Go

It’s day 20 today of the Paleo Whole30 that The Special One and I are doing. I’ve realised that my willpower is stronger than I previously gave myself credit for. At work there’s temptation all the time. If I don’t take a packed lunch then there’s even more to tempt me when I’m at the cafeteria deciding what to have. Thankfully I’ve managed to say no to every temptation that’s been thrown my way. Long may it continue (well at least for another 10 days).

This is what I'm met with at work...
This is what I’m met with at work…

I’ve not been very creative when it comes to our meals. Dinners have consisted mainly of curries or goulash, with the occasional chicken salad or chicken & veg cooked in coconut milk. Thank goodness the meals are tasty so that makes up for the lack of variety in our weekly menu.

Some of our Whole30 meals
Some of our Whole30 meals

The Special One still has that cough so I’m not sure that doing Whole30 is actually helping to find the source. He started on Whole30 a bit reluctantly but still follows all the rules and finds Whole30 compatible meals when there’s nothing for him in the canteen at work. He’s no quitter!

I miss Greek yoghurt and cheese. It’s funny because for many years before having Baby Girl, I wasn’t having any dairy but now I can’t imagine what I’d do without it! It’s the same with meat. I was pescatarian for almost 9 years and now I am a full on carnivore and I love meat 🙂

10 days to go. We can do it! I’m stocked up on meat, veg, some fruit, nuts and coconut flakes. That’s all I need, right? Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading x


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