Whole30 – One Week In

The Special One and I have successfully completed our first week doing Paleo Whole30. Yay us!

It was pretty easy until yesterday. What happened yesterday, you ask? Well, we both went back to work, that’s what happened. He went to the office this week after a week of working from home and I went to school after having a few days off because of our childminder being on holiday.

Our meals for this week were:

Mainly eggs in different forms – boiled/scrambled/fried/omelettes with avo and salad veg (cucumber, tomato, peppers, mushrooms)

Chicken salad or
Leftover dinner or
Nothing because we were full because of breakfast

Mince curry*
Lamb neck curry*
Lamb curry (with stewing meat)*
Chicken salad
Chicken stir fry


*My sister-in-law sent me a rude amount of curry powder from South Africa a few weeks ago but I don’t have a recipe from her yet. On Thursday, my bff arrived from South Africa and cooked us a curry and I’ve been practising. I thought an explanation was necessary just in case you thought I was going curry crazy.

One of our delicious lamb curries

I kept forgetting to photograph our meals 😦 They tasted soooo good that we sat down to eat and forgot about everything else.

So far so good! Bring on the next 23 days.

Thanks for reading x


2 thoughts on “Whole30 – One Week In

  1. How do you get your partner to do it with you? I can’t seem to convince my husband to, and it’s so hard for me to be motivated when he’s eating all these delicious carbs next to me!


    1. Ah I know what you mean. We had discussed Paleo before but thought it too restrictive. When my husband suggested that he needs to detox to cure his persistent cough, it was the perfect time to do Whole30. So basically, he bought into it without much effort my part.

      How about suggesting a Part30 (The Special One’s idea). When you’re were together (at home or out) then you’re both Whole30 compliant and when you’re not around (like at work) he eats whatever he likes. (P.s. Part30 = because it’s part-time and….wait for it…for your partner).

      Explain why you want to do it and why you need his support . That’s important. I would not have completed 11 days so far if we both weren’t doing it.

      Make your meals so yummy that he doesn’t miss the carbs. Replace rice with cauli rice or stir fried veg.

      There’s a section in the rules that talks about how it’s only 30 days. Read that. Show it to him or explain it to him in you own special way.

      I wish you success x


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