Post CELTA – Three Months On

It’s been nearly 3 months since I’ve completed my CELTA course and I’ve been teaching for almost as long. I wrote an update 3 weeks after I’d completed my CELTA here. I’m still a teacher at the same school (which is the same one where I did my CELTA course) and I still love teaching.

My experience now includes:

  • teaching German teenagers
  • teaching Italian teenagers
  • teaching Russian teenagers
  • teaching Chinese young people (aged 8 – 12)
  • teaching 1-to-1
  • teaching General English (mostly pre-intermediate level)
  • impromptu 1-to-1 lessons when all of my students don’t turn up
  • writing progress tests
  • preparing materials for lessons in different museums around London (don’t ask!)
  • very soon it will also include You-Tube video lessons for my school’s channel (eeeek!!)

I can feel my confidence building with every lesson. I answer questions with more conviction and trust myself more. I really like this feeling. I’d love for it to pay more money, of course. But more and more I realise that money isn’t everything. Of course, If push came to shove and we desperately needed more money then I’d go back to HR where the earning potential is betterΒ butΒ that’s not necessary so for now…my work is my love made visible.

What have you been up to recently?

Thanks for reading x


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